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Currently I need to connect to a local network that doesn't has any internet connection

Let's say this is the rough idea of this local network:

computer a:
computer b:
computer n: 192.168.1.x
my computer's IP in this network:

Since I need an internet connection, I try to share my iPhone's 3G connection to my computer. After that, what happened is my computer got 2 IPs (first one is the one that I got from the DHCP of the wifi network, the other one is my computer ip to connect to my iPhone).

The problem is, I can't browse anything or connect to the internet after I come to this state (2 IP addresses). Tt seems my computer always tries to find internet connection through the local network wifi instead of my 3G.

Can I get my computer connected to this local network through wifi while using the internet connection through my iPhone 3G connection?

The iPhone 3G connection is shared via Personal Hotspot.

Btw, my computer is OS X 10.7, hope can get some configuration that I can use in this os.

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