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I have been looking for this since a long long time.

I have downloaded a few videos from you-tube using IDM(all mp4). When I opened the video in VLC media player,a black screen appeared and started flickering.The video just does not start.

What all I things I did-:

  1. updated my VLC
  2. Reinstalled my VLC
  3. downloaded another media player(wondershare--very very beautiful i must say).It played the video but audio was missing.
  4. converted mp4 to flv and then played in both players,still no sound.

Its very frustrating as I want to complete my tutorial series asap.FLV works well,but mp4s fall flat.

What should I do?

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These kind of things appear mostly on codec mismatches. Using K-lite codec pack and BS Player with allowing it to download/upgrade available codecs via its Codec Manager solves my problems. – The_aLiEn Aug 25 '13 at 7:18
@The_aLiEn:sorry but i dint understood it,i am not that of tech guy – Leonardo Da Codinchi Aug 25 '13 at 8:33
V/A files are stored as encrypted files, more commonly say digitalised as their original state was analog. The players has to decrypt them in order to see what is inside and play them. The helper encryption-decryption files are codes. You can download K-Lite pack from here and BS Player from here. First install K-Lite and then install BS Player, after installations, lunch BS and it'll say which codec should be downloaded and when you say it to download it'll download and install automatically. – The_aLiEn Aug 25 '13 at 8:40
is it not possible to correct this using vlc..or downloading k-lite is the only solution? – Leonardo Da Codinchi Aug 25 '13 at 8:44
K-Lite is a compilation of codecs, as your VLC player can use. (correcting above comment: "...The helper encryption-decryption files are code'c's. You can...") – The_aLiEn Aug 25 '13 at 8:45

I think some of youtube videos are somehow get the video and audio file separated so when you download the video the file itself contain no audio. Try to go back to the site and download the audio file, and insert it to the video. it always have extension .m4a

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extention would be webm – ravi parekh Apr 17 at 11:42

I tried everything possible.But eventually nothing worked.

Finally I used the best solution)

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