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I have a Linux 13.04 server. And a GIT repo stored on it.

When I'm trying to clone a repo from my OSX system - I don't type any passphrase (OSX remembered it), but when I'm trying to clone repo directly from server - I should type passphrase always...

Also it could be a little bit curious that I'm trying to clone GIT repo from server via SSH even if I'm on server at the moment. But I suppose it should not be a problem, when I'm clone via git clone user@server:/my/repo.git instead of git clone path/to/my/repo.git.

I've added server public key to its' own authorized_keys. And nothing happened. How could I clone a repo.

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Are you able to do a ssh user@localhost without a password prompt? If not, then your 'authorized_keys' is not good. BTW I don't any point using ssh for localhost access when you can the the same with path. –  FractalSpace Aug 30 '13 at 22:50
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