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How to go to row number n and column number m in sublime text3.

I can go to row by number. But can't find out how to move to column by its number on this row.

I need it because I got error reportings with fileName and 2 numbers: for example: 24:13. That means row 24 and column 13.

So I need to move to row 24 and column 13 fast without counting how many times I clicked on right arrow on my keyboard.

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Just press ctrl+p (cmd+p on mac) to bring on "Goto Anything" palette, and then type colon, line number, colon, column number:


You can also type filename first, and Sublime will move you straight to place in that file you need.

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Have a look at the GotoRowCol plugin, which lets you specify a row and column to go to.

For this plugin to be useful, you should really consider making a custom keyboard shortcut to execute it – it's covered in the readme.

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You can use the shortcut Ctrl+G to open the jump to line dialog or by using the menu Goto->Goto Line...

I'm not aware of a jump-to-specific-column feature.

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