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Recently I updated the BIOS for my GigaByte Motherboard using Q-Flash Utility .

The update was successful but under the MB Intelligent Tweaker menu in BIOS , there's a warning says VGA Graphics card is not guaranteed to operate normally

and when I logged on into windows , the screen resolution was changed to 1024 * 768 and it was 1440 * 960 , now 1440 * 960 is not available under resoultion list .

I reinstalled the Nvidia driver but nothing changed.
My motherboard version

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Updating your BIOS shouldn't mess up your card like that. Go to device manager and find your graphics card. Then uninstall it. Reboot your computer, check device manager that your card is recognized. If that doesn't work, then open up Q-Flash and flash your BIOS back to the other version that you were on.

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