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The story goes like this: Windows XP started hanging up. Since it was pretty long time since I reinstalled it that was my first guess. As soon as the first restart after formating the drive I saw green and red dots in vertical stripes while BIOS booted. Obviously there was no problem with the system but rather with graphic card. eb

However I managed to install Win XP with no problem and no artifacts while in low resolution. I'm quite sure this notebook can work pretty well while in low resolution but I cannot install graphic drivers becuase they try to change resolution without asking for my permission which. This obviously causes BSOD.

So basically my question is: is it possible to install graphic driver without them changing my resolution?

The notebook is Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook E8410 with Nvidia graphic card and Windows XP

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When was the last time you blew the dust out of that laptop? One possibility is the gpu is overheating. Another possibility is power consumption. Stating a component is dying should always be a last call. – Josh Campbell Aug 26 '13 at 19:37
Are you using Siemens video drivers or Nvidia? You should use Siemens drivers. – Dave M Aug 28 '13 at 17:16

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