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I'm using find to remove some of the test string in lookup cell value

For instance I look-up the following in cell A2 Application: sales_rep_support and use find =RIGHT(a2,FIND(" ",a2)+4) to change it to sales_rep_support.

However I run into problems because I have other values that need parsed such as

Application: EComm_sk
Application: PG_Prescreen
Application: sales_rep_support
Application: Retention_sk


What I have been trying to accomplish is simply remove the Application: from the beginning of the string

I have also tried left() unsucessfully.

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=SUBSTITUTE(A2,"Application: ","")
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Actually, I think that the simplest way is to use the Find & Replace on the column concerned if you intend to delete the original later on.

  1. Hit Ctrl+H.

  2. Find Application: ("Application", colon, space) Replace by nothing

  3. In the Find & Replace window, click on Options >> and make sure that the 'Within: ' is set to "Sheet" and that 'Match entire cell contents' is unchecked.

Otherwise, another function besides SUBSTITUTE() you can use is MID():

=MID(text, start, length)

In your case, you can use:

=MID(A2, 14, LEN(A2))

Which will take everything from the character position 14 (After all the characters in "Application: ") to the end of the text. LEN(A2) is actually larger than the text you want, but that doesn't matter, it means it'll take everything till the end.

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