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Way back in the DOS days, I could have a command line prompt that contained block characters, such as █ or ▀.

I am trying to create a prompt with colored block characters using AnsiCon on Windows 7.

I have the coloring sorted out, but when I use those characters with any of the fonts available under Properties in the command prompt window (Consolas, Lucida Console, and Raster Fonts), they appear as other special characters.

Is there a font that I can install that supports the block characters using ANSI encoding?

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I’m not sure about your use of “ANSI encoding” in this question, it sounds more like you are asking about using ANSI escape sequences like ←[1;33;44m. It would probably be better to use “Extended ASCII” instead. – Synetech Sep 10 '13 at 15:51
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Answered here: How to use non-English characters?
Summry: You have to change your Command Prompt page code, then you can use UTF-8 characters using "Lucida Console" font.

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