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As the title says.

I have an animated GIF that I would like to set as a desktop picture for my Mac running Mountain Lion 10.8.4

Thanks for the responces

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I found this link on apple Stack Exchange site. The answer to that question says there is an app that sets screensavers as wallpapers.

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Do you have the same thing for mountain lion? I tried that, and it wouldn't work. –  zggz12 Aug 26 '13 at 23:24

You can give a try a deskfun, you can place gif images as background using it,from their website this tool can be used too :

Place pictures on the desktop or let them float above normal windows.
Accepts any picture format supported by the OS.
Supports pictures with transparency.
Supports animated GIFs.
Several different frames available.
Manage multiple arrangements of pictures

Hope it helps..

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