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Is it possible to add a ringtone to a vCard on a Mac so that once it syncs to an iPhone the card will have a ringtone? I have a cardDAV account that is erased nightly by a Filemaker database and then all contacts are uploaded to the cardDAV account so to add the ringtone to a contact I would have to edit it daily every morning.

If I assign a ringtone on the iPhone the ringtone will be gone the next day. When the card is deleted the ringtone assignment is gone and the card will have the default ringtone.

If I export a vcard onto a computer and view it in a text editor the ringtone is not included.

The ringtone assignment does not seem to exist on the phone like a phone number favorite. If I delete a card that is a favorite the number will still exist in favorites, and adding the card back in will restore that person's name to the favorites list.

Ringtone assignments seem to not be stored on the phone (like favorites) outside of the vCards, not in vCards themselves as exporting to the computer does not reveal the ringtone info in the vCard, so it seems it is stored in a file that is not user accessible on the iPhone and the file lives only as long as the card is on the phone?

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