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I gather Duration of Video via ffmpeg command like this.

ffprobe -f rtsp -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://old.hanafostv.com/edu_new/10350/E63333_18_130709.ts.pac

and it shows result like this.

Duration: 00:06:57.92, start: 9.999989, bitrate: N/A

And this can right, because when I play this URL with vlc player, it plays about 6 minutes. After that, I want to check Video frames information via this command.

ffprobe -show_frames -select_streams v -print_format json=c=1 -f rtsp -rtsp_transport tcp -i rtsp://old.hanafostv.com/edu_new/10350/E63333_18_130709.ts.pac 

After shows many Video frames information, it stopped here.(Below is final frame it says)

[h264 @ 0x2dfd080] Cannot use next picture in error concealment
[h264 @ 0x2dfd080] concealing 880 DC, 880 AC, 880 MV errors in P frame
        { "media_type": "video", "key_frame": 0, "pkt_pts": 3437529, "pkt_pts_time": "38.194767", "pkt_dts": 3437529, "pkt_dts_time": "38.194767", "pkt_duration": 3003, "pkt_duration_time": "0.033367", "pkt_pos": "-210", "pkt_size": "2741", "width": 1280, "height": 720, "pix_fmt": "yuv420p", "sample_aspect_ratio": "1:1", "pict_type": "P", "coded_picture_number": 835, "display_picture_number": 0, "interlaced_frame": 0, "top_field_first": 0, "repeat_pict": 0 }

as you can see even though it is the final frame, its pts_time is only 38.194767 s. Then, after 39s, there were no frames? Is it possible?

I am really curious about it. You can Correct my commands to fix this problem. Thanks.

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I figured out something. -show_frames has no issues with local file, but has some with RTSP URL. I guess maybe it just seeking till where the RTSP streaming loaded. I need a way to get total frame informations from RTSP Video. –  Juneyoung Oh Aug 27 '13 at 9:42
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