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After bad installation that BSOD my laptop I recovered but I'm unable to load USB 2 drivers machine locks up. I can only keep it going for more than 30 seconds if I disable PNP service. With PNP disabled uninstalled SP3 and then started PNP service all the drivers load up correctly all devices work ok anything that I connect is recognized and installed.No errors in system and application event log , everything works perfect until I execute shut down at which time windows obliterate all the settings .On next boot windows come up in some sort of default "crawl back home " mode VGA resolution,touch pad is working desktop layout gone nothing else works and it locks up when trying to load USB2 drivers usually in less then a minute. The only thing I can do is swipe the hives and start again > How to stop this self destructive behavior . I had it going three times buy now and always the same thing happens . Any suggestions I'm scratching the bottom of the barrel an getting desperate. Alex

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