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I am using Preview in Mac OS X 10.5.8 which is able to open .psd files (Photoshop documents). I couldn't find an option for enable & disable view of some layers.

My client has sent me a .psd file through mail and has put some layers as hidden. Is it possible to view hidden layers or change what layers are visible in Preview?

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Preview has very limited support for Photoshop documents (beyond viewing them) and can not change what layers are hidden and what layers are not in a Photoshop file.

However, there are different programs (image editors) you can use to view the Photoshop file if you don't own Photoshop:

  1. GIMP (Free and Open Source)
  2. Pixelmator (Not free but much nicer to use)
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GIMP is a good idea. You could also download a trial of some version of Photoshop (CS4 or elements) if you don't plan to make a habit of working with layered PSDs. I suggest this because I don't like GIMP, but it will do what you want.

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