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I noticed today that Firefox adds a bunch of scripts to every pageload. Here's a screenshot:enter image description here I checked the add-ons. It's just Adblocker plus, Firebug, colorzilla, lastpass, screengrab, share-a-holic. So, nothing suspicious there. I have Microsoft Security Essentials and scans are clean. What might be causing the issue?

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If you go take a look at the script address itself, at (link), there's a comment at the top:

/** See for details. *//* JavaScriptJsTagUrl = DealPlyScriptTagUrlMagic; */

A quick search indicates that this may be a form of adware - removal instructions are available at the linked site.

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Thanks, that worked! But then I am surprised why MSE didn't find anything while Malwarebyte came up with several malwares. – abhisek Aug 28 '13 at 1:56

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