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I have over 100 git repos on my computer, they are spread out a little bit. I work a little bit on each of them, and I do not want to push them manually. But they should be pushed daily to my mirrors.

One partial solution I found is a push-hook that runs a push after each commit. That would slow me down and prevent rebasing on feature branches since I would have to consider my work public right away.

I wrote a script that goes through all my git repositories (using find -name -git -type d) and pushes them to my mirrors, GitHub, Bitbucket and my server.

The problem I have is that the three remotes, github, bitbucket and chaos show up as branches. That does not make too much sense, since they are mirrors, actually.

To get away with that, one can tell git that a remote is a mirror. It does not show the remote branches in the logs, but I do not have a way of knowing whether a repo needs pushing. And pushing several hundred repositories three times takes way too long. My script reads the git log and checks whether the remote branches are on the master commit, it pushes otherwise.

Is there some way to do this that feels less hacky?

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