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I am trying to make a script that will list the VMs on my four host servers, and dump the xml for guest domains that are running. I am running the script on one host server, and using qemu+ssh to connect to the others.

This is an example command:virsh -c qemu+ssh://${HOSTS[$index]}/system dumpxml $vm > xmldump/$DATE/$vm.xml

This command runs for each VM running on that host and a new connection is made each time and I am prompted for my password each time. This works but is not ideal.

How could I do this so that I only make one connection per host, and run all my commands within that connection?

These are KVMs running on Ubuntu servers using libvirt.


So I have still been trying to figure this out and I ran across something that might be useful. I saw an example of someone using qemu+ssh://host/session instead of qemu+ssh://host/system. I can't find much information about the difference. Just because the word "session" makes me think this might solve my problem but I can't find enough info.

Does anyone know what qemu+ssh://host/session does, and could it possibly solve my problem?

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