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I'm not sure what the issue is on my Windows computer but I can't seem to determine what triggers the input language switcher that I seem to accidentally press too often.

I have three inputs set up:

  1. English - US Keyboard
  2. French - US Keyboard
  3. French - Canadian Multilingual Standard Keyboard

I know that Windows + Space triggers a menu to choose a language but I know that is not what I accidentally hit because 1) the menu doesn't show up and 2) it is rare to press Windows + Space accidentally.

I've heard that Alt + Shift is also another combination and it seems plausible that that's triggering the behaviour but it isn't because I just tried to replicate the problem and have tried all combinations of Ctrl, Shift, and Alt.

The thing is, my input preferences have no keyboard shortcuts configured: Screenshot of input preferences window

How do I disable it?

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