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My question: Will any information about excluded files (in the example below, the contents of the private directories) be transferred between the rsync client and daemon? I am using Rsync to sync work related files to a company server and I would prefer to keep directories which are not work related invisible to the work server.

Example Case: Suppose I have the following file structure.

On the work computer:

On the home computer:

The contents of the file 'filter_file':
+ /documents/
+ /pictures/
+ /documents/work_dir_1/***
+ /pictures/work_dir_2/***
- *

Suppose I use the following rsync command from home to sync files using the work server as the source:

rsync -avu -e ssh --delete --filter='merge filter_file' usr@work_server.net:~/ ~/

I tested this using a local example, and found that the work files were properly updated, and the contents of the private directories were not deleted, since they are excluded in the filter. The effect of the sync is what I want, I just want to ensure that no information about private files makes it to the company server.

Thank you!

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