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User has a home network setup using Cisco Router and D link Ethernet Kid setup. I send him a Cisco IP phone 7965 which was configured to work thru VPN connection. User is not able to get the phone to work when connecting thru Dlink. I did some troubleshooting and from IP address that he has on the phone looks like phone is not getting connection. I ask him to plug in the phone direclty to Cisco Router. He did and phone workded perfectly fine!

the problem is that his office is setup on 2nd floor but his Router is setup on the 1st floor. and he using Dlink to pull the signal from the 1st to 2nd floor. Is any one familiar with Dlink setup? Is there any configuration that I can do remotely on Dlink to allow connection to the IP phone? What is my other option??

Urgent please.

Any information will be appriciated. Thank you, Serge

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