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I have a Belair Networks Wireless access point / Wifi Router and would like to reset it and connect to the config page to complete the setup and config for use with home wifi.

The manual or item pamphlet is here: http://www.falesia.pl/pdf/BelAir%2020E%20AP.pdf

The Model is Belair 20E

I am expecting to hear that this router is for use as an access point only and cannot be configured to use for home wifi access.

I have tried to connect to the routers config page by all obvious methods,,, checking default gateway and accessing that via browser etc. Nothing seems to work.

I reset the unit via paperclip and pressing the reset button on back hoping to get a default IP to connect to..... all failed. no results

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If you log into the GUI page of your modem you should be able to view what devices are connected to it. The belair unit uses the IP address the modem gives it as its default login address. The username and password are root/admin123. I have this unit and it works great as home wife access point. And to do a full reset you need to hold the reset button for at least 60 seconds. This will produce a non secured wifi name belair 2.4 Another thing to note I have only been able to get into the GUI page while connected wireless to the unit. Ethernet seems to be disabled for editing

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I would like to add that the GUI page is extremely loaded with options and very confusing. –  Jeremy Sep 6 '13 at 23:14

According to the info supplied by the manufacturer (Ericsson) it would appear that is a carrier-grade AP (not intended for home or enterprise use) designed for use with a central controller (the WIC8000).

So all of the configuration and control would be done at the WIC8000 controller, not on the APs themselves. That's why you probably can't figure out a way to get into the AP (because there isn't one).

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