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I'm looking for some software I've used before but can't remember the name. Its something like aup. Its a non-microsoft alternative for doing updates.

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Does it update Microsoft products or third party products? If you're using something other than Windows update to update MS products, I'd be veeery careful – MDMarra Oct 31 '09 at 22:35

there used to be Windizupdate, a service (long discontinued) allowing users to update the system via Firefox.

then there was RyanVM's Update Pack and similar bundles, which are no longer offered for legal reasons.

same goes for AutoPatcher (APUP), which was shut down by MS 2 years ago and then reappeared.

there are still some non-english bundles regularly updated (e.g. from

othere websites like offer only crucial security updates, although not bundled.

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Well its not discontinued, but the offline update app should do what you're looking for i think

Its been superceeded by wsus offline update - same application/scripts. 9.2.1 was the last version that supported XP, and I suspect they will drop support for older OSes as time goes on.

This downloads official updates from MS, and installs them in an automated way

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nice find actually, thanks. +1 – Molly7244 Nov 1 '09 at 0:20