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1) An ATA/HDD password is different than a BIOS password - it is stored in the HDD - resetting the BIOS or moving HDD to another computer will not remove password. Formatting the HDD will not work either - the drive cannot even be accessed to format when an ATA password is set

2) I've read many posts where people say you can't remove an unknown ATA password without losing the data - I don't care about losing data - I just want the HDD back

Is there a way to erase the data and clear the passwords? If there's no way to do this, this is very bad design because a person could go around bricking HDDs on unattended computers and they would useless forever. So, imagine there must be a way. Again, losing the data is OKAY.

If not, is there any way to find master password? After days of searching I was only able to find a single webpage on the entire Internet the listed master passwords (some claim these lists are easy to find - they are NOT). It is a Fujitsu drive and the master password was supposed to be 32 blank spaces. This did not work as a master password.

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