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So I'm sick of being asked to confirm mic access-- the answer from me is always YES.

Yes I am aware of the privacy risk this poses.

So I'm in my Chrome User Data folder, in the Preferences file, and I see a list of sites that looks like this:

  "content_settings": {
     "clear_on_exit_migrated": true,
     "pattern_pairs": {
        "file:///Users/Aerovistae/Desktop/webspeech.html,*": {
           "media-stream-mic": 3
        ",*": {
           "media-stream-camera": 1,
           "media-stream-mic": 1
        ",": {
           "geolocation": 1

     "pref_version": 1

And I'm guessing this media-stream bit might pertain to this. I'm trying to add one that's some variant of "*" to match every site but of course that's not working. Is this a viable approach and I'm just not quite there, or is there another way to do it, or is this impossible?

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