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I'm running windows 7 Ultimate x 64, have a brand new soundblaster Z 5.1 surround sound audio card.

Computer is a Gigabyte Z86 based mobo, Core i7 CPU, 16 Gb RAM.

When I run the speaker test feature in the software provided with the sound card, everything works fine. But when I play music (mp3) with any media player, I get no sound from the subwoofer. All the other channels work good.

I'm not running 5.1 computer speakers, with 4 separate amplifiers, (front, L+R, center/sub, rear L+R).

I think this is a software issue. Maybe something is not 5.1 compatable??

I'm going to try the optical out SPDIF from the sound card into an external decoder, but I have my doubts..

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Have you checked the settings in whatever audio player software you are using? You should also check Windows' sound settings to make sure it's set to surround. – Moses Aug 29 '13 at 13:11

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