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This is a seemingly simple problem. I want to access my gmail mail account using some other client than googles web interface. Sounds easy right? Gmail supports IMAP so any email client should work.

Except none of all I've tried (Thunderbird, gnus, Wanderlust, ...) can handle the huge amount of mails I got. Workarounds such as deleting or archiving mails to keep the mailboxes small doesn't count as a solution. Gmail doesn't require me to do that so I shouldn't have to do that with another client either.

For example, I got a mailbox of python-list with ~900k mail which Gmail's web interface opens in less than 3 seconds. All other clients I've tried just chugs on it for minutes. Someone must have had the same problem as me and solved it somehow?

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Have You tried eM Client? It's pretty fast. Free version include 2 mail account. Run on Windows.

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