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In the docs, they have an example

^Down::WinMinimize, A

So I tried to create the following:

^m::WinMinimize, A
#^!m::WinMaximize, A

But it only works in notepad++ not in explorer or chrome etc. Where do I go wrong?

Please not that I seek to minimize only one (1) window at a time. Using #m minimizes all windows in a certain application.

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You have the same set of keys assigned twice? ^m in lines 1 and 3, the other combination in lines 2 and 4. Do you have any #IfWinActive lines before those lines? You have to deactivate #IfWinActive if these mappings to work globally. Or they have to be before any #IfWinActive lines in the script. – jaychris Sep 6 '13 at 2:00
No, it's not assigned twice, I only wanted to state that I tried both with and without appending ", A". I do not have #IfWinActive. – user1603548 Sep 8 '13 at 20:00

This works fine for me in an empty script...

^m::WinMinimize, A
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