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Is there a keyboard shortcut or some kind of setting to make the current window transparent?

I go back and forth between windows a lot. If I could just make the window I'm looking at transparent, it would be nicer.

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#Space:: ;Show windows under pointed-at.
    WinSet, Transparent, 25, A
#Space UP:: ;Restores window when you release the keys
    WinSet, Transparent, OFF, A

AutoHotKey can do it! No fancy glass effects, but the window goes transparent. That's on Windows Key and Space.

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I forgot about AutoHotKey! Thanks (: – Jeremy Detrempe Nov 5 '09 at 2:16

There is no built-in shortcut that comes to mind, only one that makes all windows transparent:

Win +               

However this isn't very useful for your situation.

Take a look at TweakWindow. It worked for me on Vista, not sure about 7. It has a useful "Make it Ghost" feature which not only makes the current window transparent, but also allows you to click through it:

alt text

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