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I an trying to fix a friends Vista laptop. It is stuck in a BSOD/reboot loop. I found the following article on how to repair a similar issue in XP.

Anyone here know if this will work on Vista??

Or, maybe a link to similar repair in Vista?

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We're going to need more details to make accurate assumptions as to what's going on.

  • How far do you get in the boot process?
  • Can you enter the BIOS?
  • Can you boot into safe mode/use VESA drivers?

This can be caused by numerous things. Bad drivers and hardware mainly. Whenever I get a problem in Windows a reboot doesn't fix much, you need to fully power down the system to clear the memory modules AFAIK. If you have multiple memory modules you could try booting with only 1 of them (swap between each) to check if ones defective, same goes for multiple hard disks. We'll need more information to be sure though.

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Sometimes the BSOD screen displays the name of a DLL file. That is a good place to start - often a newly installed program or driver causes the problem. If no DLL name is present, try checking your hardware as John T suggested.

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BSOD went by too fast to read, and I had no luck with trying to pause it. – CruelSun Nov 3 '09 at 11:56
You can use this too see older BSODs: – alex Nov 3 '09 at 19:46

Thank you, but on further investigation, I found that the HDD was failing, so I replaced it and reloaded windows.

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