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I have an Ubuntu 12.1 VM running on Windows Azure. I've been trying to connect via FTP to upload files to the VM but I'm having problems.

I installed and set up vsftpd, like is outlined here (and here). I have an Endpoint for FTP defined in Azure for port 21.

I can connect to the VM fine via SSH - that works perfectly. I cannot connect via SFTP. I can connect via FTP - but it will only list the files on the server, it won't allow me to upload or download files. If I try and upload or download files, I get an I/O error and the connection times out.

Can anyone suggest where the problem may be here?

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It turns out this was a Cyberduck problem. Turns out you can connect with SFTP just fine as standard (which makes sense I could SSH into it...), but Cyberduck couldn't connect for some reason. Will notify them there.

If anyone else is having that problem, just switch to Filezilla or some other client and it should work fine.

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