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So i bought a new laptop the Samsung np300e5c it has windows 8, first i updated the bios and chip set drivers also touch pad using samsung SW update.


When I'm using Cinema4d I can scale and move objects with my touch pad or wireless mouse as soon as i press a key on the keyboard i can't scale or move any object but still use the software(use the menu and other options expect the view port). When i press Windows key + R and Esc it starts to work again with the mouse but as i press any key it stop moving/scale the object.

When i use after effects i can drag clips and as soon as i press key i cannot drag anything until i press Windows key + r which brings up run and i press esc.

I have tried to install the Samsung touch pad driver no effect, i tried Synaptics no luck?

Can you help me guys????????

I could make a video or dump log if you want.

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