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In the Select Font... dialog of gVim, there's a link at the lower left that says Show more fonts. When I click it, I'm simply taken to the Fonts folder in Control Panel. How can I use that to set a font for gVim, if I wish to choose a font that is not among the short list in the dialog itself?

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Which fonts are available and what is used as a fallback for glyphs that are not contained in the selected font depends on the platform.

On Windows, currently only fixed-width fonts are supported; the font selector therefore only shows those. As you have already noticed, it also doesn't help to :set guifont= to them directly.

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You can set the 'guifont' option yourself, e.g. in your ~/.vim/vimrc or through Vim's command line.

For example:

let &guifont="DejaVu Sans Mono:h9"

set guifont=Consolas:h10

Note that using variable-width fonts in Vim is not going to work well. That's why the list filters them out.

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Oh, thanks, I was always puzzled by why the list was so short, this makes sense. Setting guifont to a variable-width font manually also seems to change nothing. By the way, is the 'Show more fonts' option useless then? Any idea what its intended purpose was? – sundar Aug 31 '13 at 16:28

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