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Lately I've been browsing through hundreds of ads on a website similar to craigslist.

Due to the similarities of the ads, I have to read through almost the entire ad to decide if it's interesting or not. For the same reason, I've been reading many of the same ads many and more times even though I figured out the first time it wasn't interesting.

I want to write a note saying: "Not interesting, due to xxx", "Very interesting" etc. that will appear the next time I enter that ad. Is this possible to achieve in a simple way or would I have to create my very own add-on? (I can use whatever browser that makes this possible (except Safari)).

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There are several Firefox extensions that can do this. FloatNotes works well.

1.) Install FloatNotes extension

add to firefox

2.) Restart Firefox

3.) (Optional) Configure settings Tools -> FloatNotes -> Preferences


4.) On any webpage, right-click then Create note...

context menu

5.) Type your note, then click outside the note to save

add note

6.) Close the tab/window/firefox

7.) Return to the same page later and the note will be there and in the same spot! view note

If you prefer Chrome, then Note Anywhere is a good choice.

1.) Install Note Anywhere

note anywhere

2.) Select note button to create a new note


3.) Type your note, then click outside the note to save

not interesting

4.) Close the tab/window/chrome

5.) Return to the same page later and the note will be there


In addition to saving notes it might also be useful to know if you've visited a link and how long ago you did (uses your history).

1.) Install Link Status Redux

install link status redux

2.) Restart Firefox

3.) Hover over a visited link

visited link

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I can't believe I haven't found those... Exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks! (You'll have to wait a few hours for the bounty) – Stewie Griffin Sep 3 '13 at 7:31
You're very welcome! I also added a mention for another extension you might find useful. – justbrowsing Sep 3 '13 at 8:20
This is perfect! I am going to start looking for a new place to stay after a month, and I was looking for something like this! – Munim Sep 5 '13 at 5:14

If the ads are presented as links, visited links are normally visually distinct from unvisited ones. If they are not so on that website, you can override its .CSS to make them distinct.

You can also modify the HTML presented by the website by using your own user script.

In Firefox, the tool to use is the Greasemonkey extension.
In Google Chrome, Greasemonkey scripts work natively.

Lots of information and tutorials can be found on the internet for writing Greasemonkey scripts.

This is as far as I can go without knowing more about this website that you describe and how the ads are presented in HTML/CSS.

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I might have been a bit unclear: I would also like to write: "Interesting", (or something similar) as it's not something I buy when I see the ad the first time (it's real estate). Therefore it's not enough to know I've visited the ad before. – Stewie Griffin Sep 3 '13 at 7:38
With Greasemonkey you can do anything at all that you like. The only problem would be where to stock the "[Not] Interesting" tags. Probably some cloud-storage service can do the job. – harrymc Sep 3 '13 at 8:01

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