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I know directX 9 uses many DLL's, but the main DLL is d3d9.dll which I can replace with my own one and so "hook" into an application using DirectX 9. I can do the same for directx 8. But I have a game which crashes and it uses directx 5, but placing my custom d3d5.dll in the games directory does not load my DLL file. (DirectX to openGL wrapper). What is the main DLL used by DirectX 5 for creating a device (a.k.a. what is the equivalent of d3d9.dll->CreateDevice(Ex) ?)?

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Alright, it seems, all directx versions from one up to 7 use "ddraw.dll" as their main DLL and version 8 uses d3d8.dll, version 9 d3d9.dll. As for version 10 and 11 d3d10.dll and d3d11.dll respectively.

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