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Hi I recently installed windows 7 on another PC and copied my music across, unfortunately I accidentally copied the root music folder so my new (windows 7) folder structure is E:\me\Music\music\ (all files and folders of my music). While I could no doubt simply copy and paste the files and folders to achieve my desired structure of E:\me\Music\music\ (all files and folders of my music) I wondered if there was a better way that would avoid the timely process of reading and writing the hard drive. Any thoughts? Thanks

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Couldn't you just rename E:\Me\Music to something different then copy the E:\Me\Music\music subfolder out to the E:\Me directory? – Moses Aug 31 '13 at 21:53
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Instead of copy and paste, use cut and paste (Ctrl-X instead of Ctrl-C). This will do a move instead of a copy, and should complete instantly.

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