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Is there a way to make non-Metro apps a large tile? For an example, I cannot make my Firefox tile a large tile. Is there a program that can do this?

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Not all apps provide the option for a larger tile in Windows 8. Most apps that offer a larger tile by default are informational apps such as the weather app or the mail app. The larger tile allows these apps to display more information at a glance. An app tile like Firefox has no extended function by being larger so this is generally not available from my knowledge.

In short, even if such a program exists that can bypass this I am unsure of the benefit that a larger tile for an app like Firefox would bring other than appearing visibly larger.

With greater tile customization it is possible in Windows 8.1 to make them even larger than currently possible. Even so, this may or may not be available for non informational third party apps like Firefox.

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Would OblyTile be able to bypass this? I just find it hard to believe how someone hasn't found a way to do this yet... – Zevoxa Sep 1 '13 at 1:30

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