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I have a laptop that has KP_Home and KP_End functionality for the KP_7 and KP_1 keys, respectively. However, the current behavior is as follows (for KP_Home only):

No Mods:          KP_Home
Shift:            KP_7
Num_Lock:         KP_7
Shift + Num_Lock: KP_Home

I'm trying to use xmodmap to remap it so it's always KP_Home if Num_Lock is off, and always KP_7 if Num_Lock is on. However, if I remap the current config from:

keycode  79 = KP_Home KP_7 KP_Home KP_7


keycode  79 = KP_Home KP_Home KP_7 KP_7 KP_7 KP_7

It treats the key as if it is always KP_Home. X11 seems to be really weird with the Num_Lock modifier because it'll only look at the first two keysyms for a given line, and it will ONLY swap the two during Num_Lock if they are both KP_* keysyms. If I remap the key to "A" and "B", it will not swap the two even with the Num_Lock modifier.

How can I remap my numpad to behave properly with Num_Lock on, regardless of shift behavior?

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