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I wish to change the way I tab between programs in windows 7. So I'd like to press PrintScreen and then use the arrows to choose program. So I built this script

Send AltTAB
Send {TAB down}

But it doesn't work. Please tell me why.

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What are you planning, will it work with PrintScreen button pressed or Released ? – Ankit Mishra Sep 1 '13 at 11:36

Solution 1 -

PrintScreen & Right::AltTab
PrintScreen & Left::ShiftAltTab

Keep Prt Scr pressed and Use arrows to navigate.
Release Prt Scr to switch to selected window.

Solution 2 -

Press Prt Scr and Release it.
Then use arrow keys to navigate to desired window.
Then press Enter to switch to the window selected.

Send {Alt Down}
Send {Tab}
Sleep 5000  ; Keep it down for five seconds.
Send {Alt Up}

There is one problem with the script - that it keeps Alt pressed for a specified amount of time (here 5 seconds) in order to emulate a user holding the button down, so if you don't select anything within 5 sec, it will switch to the selected window.

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Thanks. Can I make solution 2 use something like wait until I press enter? – user1603548 Sep 8 '13 at 20:24

For future reference, it is likely you got here, because ALT+TAB was not working for you in Windows 8. Currently AutoHotKey does not support native hotkeys in windows 8. AHK is working on this. Found it here:

In case you want to switch to the last window you can, however, use

Send !{ESC}
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