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I've got around 100 videos that I've generated a unique splash screen for based on some metadata and the file name. The files are named "videoname.avi" and "videoname.png" and are in the same folder, though if it's necessary, I can move them to whichever structure is needed.

Now I'm looking to insert this splash screen into each video, and I'm looking for suggestions on how do do it.

I'm guessing that the best thing would be some sort of scriptable video editor, though if anyone's got a solution that involves Python or C#, I can work with that too.

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For the actual video editing, you could use ffmpeg -- see the concatenation guide on the ffmpeg wiki. You would want to loop through your folders with a batch script -- unfortunately I don't know anything about scripting on Windows, but a simple for loop should be able to do it, given the structure you've mentioned. –  evilsoup Sep 1 '13 at 11:50

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