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I got a very large data set from a access log.I converted it to CSV file using 'Vim'.I want to use "WEKA"(Data mining tool) to analyse this data set.But when i try to open this CSV file it gives me an error telling that

"File 'E:\Isuru\Data\data.csv' not recognized as an 'CSV data files' file


wrong number of values,Read 377, expected 7,read Token[EOL],line 166"

Any one know how to fix this?

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Please copy and paste three lines at line 166 from your csv file in here. Ideally please also let us know the character-encoding and EOL character. It may be a field character-escaping problem – Lo Sauer Sep 1 '13 at 12:06

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I also got the same type of error. So proof read your data file. Try to open in text file. So in between two attributes if you can see more than one comma. Our csv file is in wrong format and will show the error. Try to remove empty columns also.

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