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I wrote the following VB script in order to run commands from WIN XP on a Linux machine and redirect the output command to out.txt file ( under C:\ )

I don’t understand why output from the command window is not written to out.txt file.

What’s wrong with the line

      Sh.Run "cmd /k  & CMD >> ""C:\out.txt""" , 1, True

My full VB script:

 'TARGET_HOST  - Linux machine

 Const TARGET_HOST = ""
 const PATH =  "cat /etc/hosts" 
 const LOGIN = "root"
 const PASS = " dingdong "
 Const PLINKPATH="""C:\SPUTNIK\plink.exe"""

 Set Sh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

        CMD = " echo y | " &   PLINKPATH  & " -ssh -pw " & PASS & LOGIN & "@" & " "   &  TARGET_HOST & " " & PATH 

 Sh.Run "cmd /k  & CMD >> ""C:\out.txt""" , 1, True

  Set Sh = Nothing
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Right now you are including the CMD variable you created inside the string instead of as a variable.

Try something like:

Sh.Run "cmd /k" & CMD & " >> ""C:\out.txt""" , 1, True

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