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I've just re-installed vista, in my previously dual booted system. Vista is installed on a 120 GB partition on my 250GB HDD. My HDD's architecture has as follows

  • 120GB NTFS where Vista is installed
  • 120GB extended, where ubuntu is installed(8GB swap, 25GB \home and 25GB \) along with the 60GB NTFS free space
  • 3.5GB NTFS

I used vista's disk mangement to make the free space, a new volume so as to use it. When I try to do so, however, I get a message that

There is not enough space in disk(s) to perform this operation

I also tried to delete the free partition but I keep getting the same message. A screenshot from disk management, follows

enter image description here

What can be done to use this free space?

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You'd better use some free disk partitioners such as MiniTool® Partition Wizard Home Edition or EaseUS® Partition Master. Gparted is also good if you're using Linux or you'll have to make a Gparted live USB. They're all much better than windows diskmgmt.msc

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