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When I roll the mouse scroll wheel in VLC, the volume changes. But it changes too rapidly: like 83%-70%-58% Can I change the step used like to 1-5% at a time?

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CTRL+P --> "Show All settings" --> "Audio" --> "Audio output volume step = 6,40"

With this, you get 2% volume step... (1% = 3,20)

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I have tested this in version 2.1.3 and it works ok. But I see that in version 2.0.8 there is a slight difference - as decimals cannot be used - but otherwise it works in the same way. – cipricus Jul 25 '14 at 13:06

Actually, by default it steps volume down by 5% with a value of 12.8. Changing this to 6.4 steps it down by 2.5% and changing it to 3.2 steps it by 1.25%. So to get it to step volume by 1% you should change the step number to 2.56. Just tested it and I get the gratifying granularity of 1% increments.

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