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Disclaimer - I understand that many of my problems could be solved by hooking up the pi straight to the router, but I've really become interested in solving this problem.

My setup:

DD-wrt cisco router --> mac --(shared internet)--> raspberryPi

I can ssh between my mac and the pi no problem. I can ssh into my mac using DDNS through noip, everything is fine. I can then ssh into the pi from the ssh session on my mac. This works for me, but im hoping to run a webserver on the pi (currently have barracudedrive installed). Ultimately, this will get a nice spot right next to the router. Until then, it would be nice to set up DDNS or some way to talk to the pi from the wan.

I've tried a couple solutions involving ssh port forwards on the mac, but i'm getting mediocre results. I've set up a DDNS host for the pi and have a port forward on the router from 8080 to 1024 on my local machine. Then, on the mac, i have a port forward from 1024 to port 22 on the pi. If i enter this into a web browser (only firefox, not chrome) i get that this address has a ssh v2 debian server. If i do this from my mac, i get nothing.

If someone has any idea as to how to get to this pi on shared internet from the wan i'd love ot hear it. Like I said, plugging into the router eliminates my problem, but I'd love to tinker from my mac for now.

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