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We had a problem today with a file /etc/libcwait.so missing which broke our oracle database on one server. Any information i could find on the internet was related to oracle and redhat-like systems where it was missing, but nothing saying where it came from. I have also found the source code, showing that it's only a single function of only a few lines of code.

rpm -qif /etc/libcwait.so

came up with no rpms.

I suspect someone removing it since there does not seem to be any reason for this kind of file to be in /etc/

Our servers are running RHEL3_U4, with oracle 9~

My questions are :

  1. What really creates/need this file? (Is it the dbms? Another oracle component? oracle 10g maybe?)

  2. Why was it stored in /etc/, at least on older versions of redhat?

Update: It seems this library is shipped with AS10G software, but is also needed by Oracle DBMS... hence the problems we had when starting to install Database-only servers...

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