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I noticed in my google contacts that there are 4 predefined groups.
my contacts
Most contacted other contacts

I know that the contacts in "my contacts" are mostly added by myself manually.
Circles contains my contacts in my google plus circles.

Then what is the "other contacts" exactly ? I have nearly 1000 contacts in this group. I'm just curious where are they from. I think it has something to do with G+ too.

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Other Contacts includes any contacts that haven’t already been categorized into My Contacts or another contact group.


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I knew that. but the question is where do they come from exactly? I didn't add them to this group apparently. – David Dai Sep 3 '13 at 0:50

Gmail automatically adds addresses to your Contacts list each time you use the Reply, Reply to all, or Forward functions to send mail to addresses that don't already exist in your Contacts list. Each time you mark a message as Not Spam, your Contacts list is also automatically updated so that future messages from that sender are received in your inbox.

Also, if you use Google+, adding a person to your circle will also add them to your contact manager in Gmail.

If you don't want contacts to be automatically added, choose the "I'll add contacts myself" setting. Just visit the Create contacts section of the General tab in your Settings. This does not work for those contacts that were added from Google+.

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