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I have an hdd from a notebook that fell and now it's not being recognized. It had 2 ntfs partitions. First for Windows, second for data (my documents, my pictures, etc were mapped there). I mostly care for the contents of the second partition.

I did a ddrescue (from ubuntu live cd) to copy the disks contents to an image. It seemed that the bad sectors are all on the first part of the disk, where there is boot sectors and partitions scheme. Testdisk was able to recognize the second partition. However, it cannot access its data.

I tried ntfsfix, but it said that the ntfs signature was missing. With testdisk again I made a copy of just that partition into a new file. I copied the file to a windows computer, mounted it as a virtual disk and tried to chkdsk it, but it failed too (saying that it was corrupted and unaccesible).

Now I am running photorec to try to recover individual files. In the meantime, I am asking this question because I am out of ideas.

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