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In XCode there's a text key binding ^Y to the "yank" command.

What does "yank" mean? I thought it was to "yank back deleted text" but so far it only "yanks back" text I cut, which means its synonymous with "paste" on windows?

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Yes, yanking and pasting are different terms for the same thing. I first learned about it through pico, and it seems that emacs uses the term as well:

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Yank inserts the most recent block of text from the kill buffer, which is the CLI equivalent of a clipboard.

Some ways the kill ring is different from the clipboard on OS X:

  • For example ⌃K, ⌘⌫ and add the deleted text to the kill ring
  • Copied text is not added to the kill ring
  • It can only contain plain text
    • Yank acts like paste and match style in rich text views
  • Pressing ⌃K multiple times in a row appends all deleted ranges into a single block
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Does Xcode use a kill ring instead of the clipboard when using Yank in Xcode? Are they integrated or independent? – Daniel Beck Dec 6 '11 at 8:15
Text fields in Xcode behave like standard text views in most cases, so the kill ring is independent from the clipboard. (Even though ⌘X adds the deleted text to both.) – user495470 Dec 6 '11 at 10:06

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