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Pressing CMD-SHIFT-G opens a "Go to the folder" dialog. But it is not possible to paste the path into the text area.

I have verified the path is in the clipboard - it pastes properly in other apps. I tried Edit | paste and Command-V and Control-V and whatever else i could think of. No dice.

The menu items are working fine: i can even go to the "View clipboard" and it works as shown in the screenshot. enter image description here

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If copy-pasting into the Go to folder dialog fails, try restarting Finder.

You can do it by running killall Finder in a Terminal window, or holding alt while right-clicking the Finder icon and choosing Relaunch.

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just tried that - hey it may even have worked. I am unsure because the problem may have been initiated by Intellij - which although a v good IDE has tons of bug -including this one. – javadba Sep 3 '13 at 4:55

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