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I would like to use the solarized color scheme in PuTTY. The tricky part is I don't have administrator privileges in this machine. So I will have to manually change the default colors through Change Settings > Window > Colors.

I'm looking for a correspondence table with solarized RGB colors and PuTTY color names:

  • Default Foreground
  • Default Bold Foreground
  • Default Background
  • Default Bold Background
  • Cursor Text
  • Cursor Colour
  • ANSI Black
  • ANSI Black Bold
  • ANSI Red
  • ANSI Red Bold
  • ANSI Green
  • ANSI Green Bold
  • ANSI Yellow
  • ANSI Yellow Bold
  • ANSI Blue
  • ANSI Blue Bold
  • ANSI Magenta
  • ANSI Magenta Bold
  • ANSI Cyan
  • ANSI Cyan Bold
  • ANSI White
  • ANSI White Bold

I also accept any color scheme that is remotely better than PuTTY's default...


A saner way of doing this is to tick all the boxes in Settings -> Windows -> Colour and then, in the remote machine, add the line

export TERM=xterm-256color

to ~/.bashrc and create the file ~\.Xresources with the Solarized color scheme.

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You can write to the current user hive (HKCU) without administrative permissions. You just can't use the built-in regedit to do it, but the built-in reg (command-line) would work, as would many third-party editors. – Bob Jan 12 '14 at 22:11
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Here you go:

  • Default Foreground: 131, 148, 150
  • Default Bold Foreground: 147, 161, 161
  • Default Background: 0, 43, 54
  • Default Bold Background: 7, 54, 66
  • Cursor Text: 0, 43, 54
  • Cursor Colour: 131, 148, 150
  • ANSI Black: 7, 54, 66
  • ANSI Black Bold: 0, 43, 54
  • ANSI Red: 220, 50, 47
  • ANSI Red Bold: 203, 75, 22
  • ANSI Green: 133, 153, 0
  • ANSI Green Bold: 88, 110, 117
  • ANSI Yellow: 181, 137, 0
  • ANSI Yellow Bold: 101, 123, 131
  • ANSI Blue: 38, 139, 210
  • ANSI Blue Bold: 131, 148, 150
  • ANSI Magenta: 211, 54, 130
  • ANSI Magenta Bold: 108, 113, 196
  • ANSI Cyan: 42, 161, 152
  • ANSI Cyan Bold: 147, 161, 161
  • ANSI White: 238, 232, 213
  • ANSI White Bold: 253, 246, 227

(N.B.: You can download a portable version of PuTTY that doesn't require admin privileges and stores its configuration in a local file instead of the registry. You can then edit those files with a text editor.)

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Make sure you save the colors under Default Settings or any new sessions you save won't realize the colors – Ravindranath Akila Sep 9 '14 at 6:30
With these settings the all BOLD colors are almost gray. So, I currently set all bold colors same as non-bold colors. Do we have any official fix from solarized for this? – Punit Soni Nov 26 '14 at 19:21

Maybe you could give this a look. :)

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Maybe not. I do not have administrator privileges, so I neither can install Putty Tray or change the Windows Registry. – dmvianna Sep 3 '13 at 22:51

Portable Putty is the way to go... not just for the fact you don't need Admin, but just the convenience of being able to copy sessions and settings easily from one PC to another (I save mine on my NAS)

Anyway, I've typed in the colours into Portable Putty, and extracted the relevant part of the conf file for your pleasure. As Ravindranath Akila said in the comments above, make you you also save to the default profile.



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