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I've been using FTP Synchronizer for awhile and generally have had pretty good results with it. But, I've just moved to a Mac full-time (at work as well as home now) so want to get a native client if I can.

I've tried the only one that I've found - SuperFlexibleSynchronizer - but it crashed every time I loaded up an FTP to FTP synch attempt.

The most important features to me are: 1) ability to synch with a large number of files (thousands), as I generally work on sites with large number of files. 2) FTP to FTP synch. This would be very helpful as I work with some CMS based sites for which users upload files while on staging and don't want to move files locally first before moving live.


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I can reccommend transmit for the mac. it has excellent FTP sync features.

Thanks for the response. Does it have FTP to FTP synch? I didn't think it did... – evanmcd Oct 31 '09 at 5:53
Hmmm you might be right – andrewdotcom Oct 31 '09 at 20:23

This is another option:

For Mac and Windows.


It's always funny when you come upon your own question when Googling about something you forgot you asked about years earlier.

Anyway... just in case someone happens upon this in 2013: ForkLift 2.5 does FTP to FTP seamlessly. It's a great app.


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